Thursday, 18 July 2013

Itty Bitty Doll Pattern

 This little doll is well used in our house as it's the right size for everything;  Doll houses, riding in Barbie cars, fits into homemade cardboard box houses, and into little pockets :)  Here's the pattern:
Head:  ROW 1: SC 5 into magic circle
            ROW 2: 2 SC in each SC (10)
            ROW 3: *1SC, 2SC in 1* Repeat from * to *4 more        times
            ROW 4 - 5: SC 15
            ROW 6: SC 1, DEC 1 (10)
            Stuff head with stuffing
            ROW 7:  SC 2 TOG.  Repeat until 5 ST left
            SL ST.  Bind off, leaving a long string for sewing on later

Body: ROW 1: SC 6 into magic circle
           ROW 2: 2 SC in each SC (12)
           ROW 3: *1 SC in first SC, 2 SC in next*  Repeat from * to * around (18)
           ROW 4 - 8:  SC 18
           ROW 9: *SC 1, DEC 1* around (12)
           Stuff body 
           ROW 10: *SC 1, DEC 1* around (12)  Bind off.

Arms (make 2):  SC 4 into magic ring
                          SC 4 around until arm is desired length.  (I did 7 rounds)
Legs (make 2):  SC 5 into magic circle.
                          SC 5 around until leg is desired length.  (I did 7 rounds)
Ears (make 2):  CH 3, Skip first CH, & SC2
Assembly:  Sew the open end of the arms together, and sew to     the open end of the body at the neck.
                    Sew the open end of the body onto the open end of the head.
Sew both legs to the bottom of the body.
Attach the ears to each side of the head.

Hair and Face: Take a strand of wool about an ams length (or longer).  Start at the bottom of the body; Go into the body with your needle and wool, try to weave it through the inside of a few stitches on your way up to the top of the head so it's a little more secure.  Go in and out with your wool on the top of the head and design your hair however you like, leaving long loops.  When you are done, give her a little haircut, cutting the loops so they become long strands, and making the ends even.
Now sew on a mouth, and eyes.  (For the eyes, I went in under the arms, came out where I wanted the eye to be, made a knot, went back in the same spot, came out at the other eye spot, 
made a knot, when back in the same hole, and weaved the wool through the inside of the body, coming out at the chest.
As always, if you have any questions about this pattern, or need clarifications, feel free to ask in the comments below.
I've made a few outfits for this doll, but would be willing to take any requests for clothing items that you'd like a pattern for to fit this doll

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